iQtonic - Nootropic Smart Energy Drink

Join top performing entrepreneurs and unleash your brain potential, double your productivity and get the most out of your brain in a healthy way and without caffeine crash with this smart energy drink.

Think in a drink


Free of Bad Stuff

No caffeine, No aspartame, No sugar.

No Withdrawals

No crash or jitters associated with energy drinks.

No Side Effects

No harmful side effects associated with prescription medication.

Fast and Long Acting

Delivers smart energy burst in minutes and lasts up to 8 hours.

Neurotransmitter Balance

Elevates acetylcholine, dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitter levels.

Great Taste

Very well reviewed taste. Lightly carbonated and recommended to serve very cold or with ice.


Improves Focus and Productivity

Doubles your productivity by allowing you to focus with task at hand and ignore ADHD like distractions, get tasks done quickly and accurately and thus improve your business performance.

Reduces Fatigue and Brain Fog

Cures your mental fatigue and clears up the brain fog. Provides with a rush of cognitive energy to burn and keeps you alert for hours turning you into a value rainmaker.

Enhances Memory and Cognition

Allows you to retain more information at once and process data faster, recall more things than before. Improves assertiveness to make better decisions with business strategy or investments.

Better Mood and Motivation

Gets you excited about your work and allows you to find joy in it. Makes you positively obsessed with tasks at hand until they are complete and cope better with long working hours.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Eliminates the feeling of anxiety and hesitation. Releases you out of paralysis and allows to work in a calm and confident manner, especially when being tested or with closing in deadlines.

 Creativity and Verbal Thinking

Helps with learning new skills faster and synthesize new ideas when writing or creating content. Express your thoughts more confidently and fluently in public speaking like meetings or presentations.

Join top performing entrepreneurs and unleash your brain potential.


Matt Trainer - Entrepreneur

“This get stuff done juice sets my brain on fire. Knocks the competition flat out” 

Adam Holland - Internet Marketer

“iQtonic allows me to focus and be more productive during my work day. And it even tastes great!”  

Jt Clough - Entrepreneurial Marketer

“I get 3 days work done in 1. With no jitters and tons of clarity I keep iQtonic stocked at all times!” 

Not convinced yet?



“Functional nootropic drink designed by Cambridge scientists by formulating scientifically proven to work nootropics and vitamins” 


CDP Choline

Most active version of choline. Choline is found naturally in egg yolks or wheat germs. Works synergistically with DMAE and Huperzine A. Was proven to improve blood flow to the brain and induce formation of new neural connections and even formation of new brain cells, process called neurogenesis.


Anxiolytic found in green tea. Works synergistically with taurine. It mediated GABA receptors. GABA is known as “calming neurotransmitter” and therefore causes relaxation and alleviates anxiety. 


Extract of Paullinia Cupana fruit. Was found to provide alertness effects independent of the caffeine content. It has other compounds, such as theophylline and theobromine which are involved in better blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Huperzine A

An extract of Huperzia Serrata plant. Works synergistically with choline. Huperzine A inhibts enzymes, which break down acetylcholine, therefore elevating acetylcholine levels in the brain.


Found naturally in salmon and anchovies. Works synergistically with choline. It works by inhibiting choline transport to peripheral tissues, thereby allowing free choline to accumulate and subsequently enter the brain where it is converted to acetylcholine.


Organic compound found at about 0.1% of total human body. Was found to elicit neurotransmission inhibition and therefore helps to prevent overstimulation of central nervous system.


Found naturally in Cupuaçu rain forest fruit. It works on adenosine receptors to boost alertness. However, unlike caffeine, it doesn't develop such tolerance, adrenal fatigue or causes crashes.

Vitamin B Complex

A combination of B group vitamins known to improve cognitive performance and general brain health. Removes possible deficiency of these vitamins which may be associated with tiredness and fatigue.


A more active version of L-tyrosine. Converts to L-dopa and then to dopamine or norepinephrine in the brain. Elevated levels of dopamine were found to improve motivation. 

“No cutting corners, every ingredient was put at the clinically proven to work doses and formulated in synergistic combinations. Meaning when used in combination they elicit effect, which normally is not present when taking them individually or at the wrong doses.” 

 Kestutis Rasimavicius, Creator


No caffeine added

No caffeine added

No sugar

No aspartame

CDP Choline

Huperzine A





Vitamin B Complex